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Wednesday, April 12, 2017

The Four Sons and Their Manifestations As Liberal Millennials

Every year on the eve of Passover (this past Monday, April 10th, after dark) Jews around the globe sat together with families and friends to a lavish festive meal called a seder – some were even lucky enough to be including at one hosted by our President over at the White House!
The seder, is a time when we celebrate the concept of freedom, and in particular, the freedom of the Hebrews from the shackles of slavery by the evil monarch and tyrannical ruler of Egypt, Pharaoh - over 3000 years ago (you know the story in that great late 90’s cartoon, The Prince of Egypt).
During the Seder, a service book called the Haggadah is used, where within those partaking in the services will find the various dictums and maxims for reflection. One of my favorites, is the discussion regarding the four sons. My reasoning is rather simple, as the four sons – as presented; the wise, the wicked, the simpletons, and the one who does not know how to ask - are four typical arch types within one’s community, their reaction to the concept of freedom and our reaction to their position…

With that said, it has been a tradition to characterize each of the sons in accordance with the stereotypical arch type of the times, as to create a more relatable experience. For example, in medieval times the wise was represented as a scholar, the wicked a warmonger, the simpleton a peasant and the one who does not know how to ask as a child (as can be seen in this lithograph from a Hagaddah, the service book, printed in Prague 1526. 

Credit: Google Images
With this tradition in mind, I decided this year for my Passover festivities to give the four sons a much-needed update and as such, present before my family, and now you my audience, the four sons as none other than the four arch types of liberals, how they view freedom, the Trump phenomenon, and by taking a play from the Haggadah, how should react in kind…

 The Wise – Trumpocrats

Photo Credit: @Pamela_Moore13 via Twitter
In the Haggadah the wise son ponders, "What are these testimonies, the statutes and the laws which the L-rd, our God, has commanded you, in other words, the wise son at this point, does not understand the logic behind the concepts which dictate our practices. That is, by the fact that he recognizes that there is something authentic, which is inherent in our celebration, that makes him wise. We in turn, are to instruct him in the laws of Passover and explain to him the concept of freedom as it were – through a better understanding, he will surely join the celebration and revel in the festivities of the day.

This is much akin to Sue Stavish-O’Boyle, a long-time Democrat from Forty Fort, Pennsylvania who voted “enthusiastically” for Trump, simply because she recognized that there is something logical in the Trump movement, and through an inquisitive attitude was she able to realize that the smorgasbord of democratic party legislation in the past and those proposed for the future, are out of touch and have no real result but leaving her in the gutter to fend for herself. By providing Sue and other Trumpocrats with a clear concise message, and some solid results, she will continue to see the wisdom in her decision and stay on the Trump Train in 2020 and beyond - thus appreciating the American concept of freedom once more.

The Wicked – the AntiFa Social Justice Warrior

Photo Credit: Google Images
The wicked asks a rather straight forward question, "what is this service to you?!" in other words, to you, but not to him. The Wicked son essentially excludes himself from the community, if he is above the common social norms of our democracy and as such, has denied that which is fundamental, leaving strife and anarchy in his wake. The response to such an individual is to blunt his teeth and say sharply, it is despite of you that we were freed, for if you would have been there (in Egypt), you would have not merited redemption.

Clearly, such an attitude and the subsequent response is clearly much in line with these so called AntiFa SJW’s as they clearly have no respect for our constitution, democracy and the peaceful transition of power – and forget about the great results of the Trump presidency over the last 75 days. No these anarchists are out for blood and have through the actions of violence done everything they can to undermined us as a community of freedom loving Americans. As such, it is incumbent on us to clearly inform them - forcibly when necessary - that America was not created for people like them, and not only would the founding fathers be ashamed of them, but they are welcome to leave and never come back…

The Simpleton and The One Who Does Not Know How to Ask – The Average Millennial

Photo Credit: The Odyessy Online
The Simpleton, asks rather simply, "what’s this?" The answer: "with a strong hand the Lord took us out of Egypt, from the house of slaves.". In other words, the simpleton’s question comes from a place of innocent ignorance, it was not like he ever had a chance to find the truth, and for the most part he is rather confused. As such, it is incumbent on us to simply “inform him of the truth”. That is, show him the logic in our practices which on their own merits will compel him to follow.

In a similar vein, The One Who Does Not Know How to Ask, is similar to the simpleton, in the fact that he has not much of an education, however differs in the sense that he is so out of it that he has no ability to even question whatsoever, as the Haggadah tells us that he needs to be initiated into conversation and implored the truth. 

Evidently, this is much akin to the average millennial today who aside from the propaganda they were constantly fed – i.e. throughout high school and college – they have very little knowledge of anything substantial and their views are rather emotional. Fundamentally, this translates into a community of drones who in face of things they do not understand need safe spaces to survive. Yet in spite of our desire to leave them to the comfort of their blankets, it is our job as enlightened individuals to present them with the principals found in our constitution that indeed edify the logic and wisdom behind our democracy and elucidate the principals of our founding fathers for a modern generation. Hopefully, by being presented with these newfound facts (to them anyway), it is a pretty safe bet that they will not only see the error in their ways but will eventually come on over and jump on the Trump Train as well, after all how could they not, it’s awesome. 

Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Passover Announcement.

Due to Passover vacation I will not be updating the blog - regularly - for the next two weeks.

Regular operations will resume on April 27th 2017

See you then.